Historical overview

The asbl (non- profit organisation) GEOMOUN was formed in 2000, as a result of a grass-roots experience in Haiti, in order to support the TIMKATEC project, a centre for children living on the street which provides shelter and primary education.

TIMKATEC has been able to benefit ever since 2001 from the support of the Belgian Ministry of Cooperation and Development within the framework of a project identified and developed by GEOMOUN in collaboration with its Haitian partner.

Prière des enfants de la Timkatec 2
Prayer of Timkatec II’s childeren

Thanks to the funding provided by the  Cooperation and développement ( DGCD) through the Belgian NGO, Cooperation for Education and Culture( CEC), GEOMOUN has contributed to take up the challenge faced by its local partner: to create a school for professional education while continuing its giving of support to the centre which provides shelter and schooling for the youngsters.

A piece of land and a house were purchased thanks to the Belgian cooperation and the important support from the non-profit organisation, UNITAS, which provided the required cofinancing.

With the help of the Japanese cooperation electrical, plumbing, sewing, masonry and shoe-repairing workshops were created. Timkatec 2 was born!!

Today, 300 young students are learning there a craft on a daily basis.

The centre for youngsters is on the other end pursuing its activity and welcomes each day 120 children, of whom 45 are boarders. A deliberate effort is made to maintain family links, which still exist in many cases. Parents can pay a visit to the children whenever they feel like it and the children are encouraged to visit their parents on week-ends or during school holidays.

GEOMOUN’s expertise has been officially recognized by DGCD and by the Ministry of Cooperation and Development; GEOMOUN was officially approved by ministerial decree dated Jan 24th 2008 as a NGO involved in development.

GEOMOUN has entered into a new project over a two year period in order to perpetuate its support to TIMKATEC.

Being motivated by projects in support of children and their families Geomoun would like to use its expertise as an approved NGO in development to support other projects which meet its philosophy and modus operandi.

The project of reinforcement of family links in Bukavu, which has been developed by the local association, ASEC CONGO, and which is co-financed by Wallonie-Bruxelles International, has been undertaken in that context since 2010.

In its desire to share its experience with the children over here Geomoun has started since September 2010, in collaboration with MAMEMO,  an education campaign in development aimed at the children aged 6 to 9.