A one-off donation : quick and efficient!

Please make your donation by crediting the account of the Geomoun:

068-2276017-36 IBAN : BE46-0682-2760-1736 – BIC : GKCCBEBB (DEXIA BANQUE)

Your participation, how ever modest, is the best encouragement for the continuation of our actions.

Every donation of over 40 euros is fiscally deductible.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION: for your info, the fiscal certificate can only be delivered after year end closing. It will be delivered some time in February 2012 (for 2011 donations).

Permanent banking order or standing order: sustainable solidarity.

“One feels responsible of what one makes own”.

A donation done through a permanent banking order or standing order allows us to plan our actions in the medium to long term.

It provides you with the satisfaction of participating in our actions with a long term perspective. It also means converting a charitable act mindset into sustainable development logic.

Why hesitating? Please download our standing order form.

Every donation of 40 euros or more is tax deductible.