Fiscal exemption

How does the fiscal deductibility work?

Geomoun is authorized by the Ministary of finance to issue tax certificates in accordance with article 104.4 of the Ministerial Circular (CIR) dated 1992 ( issue of certificates against  receipt of donations of 40 euros or more –fiscal deductibility of donations).

For each donation of 40 euros during a given fiscal year you will receive from us in February-March of the following fiscal year a tax certificate.

What does it mean for you?

Assuming you have taxable revenues of in between ……

and you make a donation of 40 euros the actual cost to you will be….

Avec des revenus communs imposables entre ...Si vous faites un don de 30 €, cela vous coûte réellement ...
0,01 - 6.950,00 €22,5 €
6.950,01 - 9.890,00 €21 €
9.890,01 - 16.480,00 €18 €
16.480,01 - 30.210,00 €16,5 €
Plus de 30.210,00 €15 €

A concrete example?

You have taxable annual revenues of more than 30,210 euros.

You make a donation of 40 euros

The actual cost to you will only be 20 euros thanks to the fiscal deductibility

Magical isn’t?